Just a few odd ramblings on the new anime¬†Noragami. I only watched this series because of the voice actors (Hiroshi Kamiya and Kaji Yuki voiced the leads with Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama and Miyuki Sawashiro in supporting roles), ¬†but now I’m totally hooked! The manga is running currently with 19 chapters translated (and they’re being translated fast!) and so far up to 40 chapters in raws. I love how the relationship played out between the cast. Lots of character development with only subtle romance and more focused on friendship just the way I like it. The way they help each other and won’t give up on one another kinda remind me a bit of the dynamic between the Twelve Holy Knights from Legend of the Sun Knight novels. One of my favorite scenes in the series is when Yato received a shrine from Hiyori. He was really touched to the point of tears. He was like a child given a precious treasure (which I think it actually is in the series’ universe). It is really so adorable that always makes me go “aawww“.