Glucose came before cells did

A question was posed in our Carbohydrates Chemistry class regarding glucose. Every biochemistry student surely knows that glucose is the ubiquitous energy source of catabolic pathways. The question is, why?

Apparently, one of the proposed reasons is that it is present before life existed, hence, it is already waiting and available when the first living organism first appeared. Details are in this 2008 journal:

The prebiotic geochemistry of formaldehyde_Review

Other notes and homeworks  concerns in our class will be published to my other site so as not to crowd this one too much


New letters for the genetic code

This is the link to article. Apparently, they managed to insert a new base pair to the DNA and succeeded in integrating it in the gene expression machinery. This would exponentially expand the number of codons possible and introduce novel amino acids (aside from the 20), creating new proteins.



HMMs or Hidden Markov Models. I’ve always encountered this during the time I’m doing my undergrad thesis but I confess I haven’t really understood it fully. Nature Biotechnology has an interesting take on this here:

Nature – HMM

Surprisingly, HMM is first developed for speech processing. Interestingly, it is now an important tool in bioinformatics. (for info on its origin, see here Intro to HMM 1986)

In simple terms, HMM is about identifying patterns or observing how often a specific pattern or element occurs in a certain phenomenon. It kinda remind me of Sherlock Holmes’ Adventure of the Dancing Men (from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work) where he cracked the code of the dancing men graffiti by observing how often a certain image appeared and connecting it to the letter “e” of the English alphabet.


Juggling different things together is the fad for me lately. I’m reading several manga as well as dloading the lost ones (due to the reformatting of my laptop). *sigh* too many things to dload and the internet connection is not fast enough!

I’ve been into light novels lately, especially Ghost Hunt and Saimono. Also, reading Oiran Girl (manga) which used to be a oneshot, made by one of my favorite mangaka, Hibiki Wataru. (W/c reminds me, i should check out some of her works after Shounen Dolls).

and by the way, i should list up the things i should look into:

  • Normalization
  • Wave Theory of Light
  • Born Interpretation
  • Solutions to Diff Eq ( and how it relates to normalization)
  • Character Tables (Inorg)
  • … as an additional topic, Hermann-Maguin System and have an intro to crystallography
  • update the ff:
  1. LSK manga
  2. Kuroshitsuji
  3. Akagami no Shirayukihime
  4. Last Game

about work and procrastination

today i’m hanging out again at SM Valenzuela. I met up with my friend (member of Entertainers) a while ago, and I used this opportunity to get out of the house and into the airconditioned mall here in Valenzuela.

I’m supposed to do my thesis, but truthfully, I’m having a difficult time with it since I’m not really familiar with the field of computational biology. So instead, i’m writing this while reading some manga >_<

Which brings me to the topic of Bisco Hatori’s new series, Absurd and Fatntastic Opera. Tha main characters really remind me of Haruhi and Tamaki. Yokuto, the idiotic unemployed prince greatly resemble Tamaki’s idiocy and kind-heartedness (or more like, naivete) without the Host king tendencies. anyway, the series is interesting, and i can’t wait for the next chapter!

Another thing about this manga, the opening lines got me, bull’s eye. Anyway, here it is:

isn’t having the sudden urge to clean your room in the middle of studying for an exam

like having the impulse to distract yourself with sometthing completely unrelated to what you’re supposed to be doing

it’s like a troublesome self-defense mechanism, or what is called a self-imposed handicap

in my case, i think it’s become a way to escape from reality.”

The passages above are translations by Omaris Sister .

anyway, it really got me, since i’m having my thesis this term. Which reminds me, i’m supposed to be doing that right now…