Hi there! Welcome to my blog. Or rather, its rather unfortunate for you to stumble upon my notebook. For this is what it is, not merely a blog but my collection of notes about my hobbies and interests.

Be Warned! Everything here is as disorganized as my mind! I sometimes wander off tangent and I may include a wide range of things in here. This is a cross between a lecture notebook and a diary. Thus bioinformatics and MD notes appear side by side with my favorite anime and manga, as well as some of the books I’m currently into, not to mention background materials, related literature and vocabulary words.

Well then, from here on, I bid you adieu, and read at your own risk!

…Is apparently what I intended my blog to be years ago. its current use now is soewhat like a scrapbook to record the traditions and lores of my family, some sort of family history of archive. It might change in the future… again XD

-Edit 14/08/15


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