Otome Game: Scarlet Fate+

I’ve recently been playing the free android otome game Scarlet Fate+. It is the remake of the Hiiro no Kakera series’ Shirahana no Ori. I think its the fourth game made under that franchise. Like the  other Hiiro no Kakera games, it is about the Tamayorihime and her guardians. However, unlike the other Hiiro no Kakera games, Shirahana no Ori, or Scarlet Fate+ is set in the Heian Period.

The original PSP game is by Idea Factory, the same one who made Hakuouki.

Anyway, I’m not here to do a review about the game as domshiki already did (and an interesting one too), but to rant gush about the route I’m playing.

As I already mentioned, I am playing the android FREE English version, so the branching of the route depending on your choices is nullified (in other words, I’m being railroaded to the route I’ve already chosen beforehand) unlike the original (which I suspect) where your route and who you’ll end up with is determined by the choices you make (like Hakuouki).

I originally played Gentouka the fox‘s route but upon reading the spoilers for the game I switched to Kuuso the crow XD. Reason? well, because Kuuso’s route is regarded as the audience’s favorite, the antagonist is apparently that monk Doman (which means the man behind the man regent Fujiwara Sadashige won’t be making an appearance yay!), and Gentouka really annoys me sometimes. Even though he is the main guy (that’s why I chose him in the first place) I can barely sense his presence in the story. I only got up to Chapter 4 when I got fed up with his “I will follow you wherever you go” and yesman attitude that I switched to the character with the opposite personality and attitude – Kuuso no Mikoto. And man, am I really glad for it.


Kuuso is, well, a really arrogant person. But in his defense, he does have a reason to. He is one of the higher gods in the game and has the brains and skills to back up his huge ego.

 Screenshot_2014-08-01-11-27-16Screenshot_2014-07-27-07-25-31 Screenshot_2014-07-28-18-31-09 Screenshot_2014-07-28-18-34-12

Screenshot_2014-07-31-04-56-58 Screenshot_2014-07-26-20-42-47


In a way, he reminds me of Gilgamesh of Fate/Zero.

BPTAFkn jgigi ujgtyg KYAAAAAHHHH2


Cut from the same cloth, the two of them XD.

I originally do not like Kuuso since I am not a fan of the tsundere types. But as the story goes on, he grew on me, I guess. Of all the cast, he is the one who really, as in really makes an effort to investigate the Void and the demon (their superficial enemy and regarded as the threat to the world). As the resident intelligence gatherer, he provides the most background info on the story (bordering on Mr. Exposition) and I simply adore those characters. Subsequently, as the story’s info gatherer, he helps and advises the protagonist on her choices (another plus). rather than coerce her or simply follow her wherever.


He is also a snarker and a bit of a bully, as Akifusa, another of the protagonist’s smitten followers found out.

Screenshot_2014-07-31-23-01-00 Screenshot_2014-07-31-23-02-07 Screenshot_2014-07-31-23-02-32 Screenshot_2014-07-31-23-02-47


ROFL. He also blew the poor boy out the shrine and down the stairs for being such a blabbermouth… twice!

Screenshot_2014-07-30-21-54-12 Screenshot_2014-07-30-21-54-44

Currently, I’m on the 6th chapter. I’ll be posting more if I have the chance as I’ll be starting my grad studies this August.



5 thoughts on “Otome Game: Scarlet Fate+

  1. Hello there… 🙂 nice to meet u! xD
    i’m a freak for a reverse harem anime and guess what? This game is my first otome game xD like ever! Hahaha… I never have time to search an otome game for my console game and when i finally find an otome game in Ios, i think i will try it… And OMG! I got deeper and deeper goes into the abyss of male harem! *Q* and i thought Harutoki is the best reverse harem out there! 😉
    I am so happy to see ure blog about ScarletFate+ and on top of it, i’m playing Kuso no Mikoto’s route too… xD
    I’m a sucker for a Tsundere though… Hehehehe…

    • Thanks! I do enjoy the reverse harem genre too, though the best for me is Hakuouki. It too is an otomoe game and translated to English, though I think only for PSP platform. But I recommend it 🙂

      • Owh, i really want to play Hakouki too… ;( thus is not available in my city… T^T i have watched the anime though… XD even though i didn’t like the ending… Xd as for now, i just have to enjoy myself playing Scarlet Fate+… XD

  2. I really love this anime game do you guys know any other romance anime show which is like this game or a bit same style? If so mail me that would be so nice I wish I will get a mail

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