Glucose came before cells did

A question was posed in our Carbohydrates Chemistry class regarding glucose. Every biochemistry student surely knows that glucose is the ubiquitous energy source of catabolic pathways. The question is, why?

Apparently, one of the proposed reasons is that it is present before life existed, hence, it is already waiting and available when the first living organism first appeared. Details are in this 2008 journal:

The prebiotic geochemistry of formaldehyde_Review

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Otome Game: Scarlet Fate+

I’ve recently been playing the free android otome game Scarlet Fate+. It is the remake of the Hiiro no Kakera series’ Shirahana no Ori. I think its the fourth game made under that franchise. Like the  other Hiiro no Kakera games, it is about the Tamayorihime and her guardians. However, unlike the other Hiiro no Kakera games, Shirahana no Ori, or Scarlet Fate+ is set in the Heian Period.

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