Just a few odd ramblings on the new anime Noragami. I only watched this series because of the voice actors (Hiroshi Kamiya and Kaji Yuki voiced the leads with Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama and Miyuki Sawashiro in supporting roles),  but now I’m totally hooked! The manga is running currently with 19 chapters translated (and they’re being translated fast!) and so far up to 40 chapters in raws. I love how the relationship played out between the cast. Lots of character development with only subtle romance and more focused on friendship just the way I like it. The way they help each other and won’t give up on one another kinda remind me a bit of the dynamic between the Twelve Holy Knights from Legend of the Sun Knight novels. One of my favorite scenes in the series is when Yato received a shrine from Hiyori. He was really touched to the point of tears. He was like a child given a precious treasure (which I think it actually is in the series’ universe). It is really so adorable that always makes me go “aawww“.



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