Of Spring and Anime

For countries in higher latitudes, its currently the spring. However, for a tropical country like mine, April means the start of the summer season and is one of the driest and hottest months of the year. It is also the start of school vacation. And for those in the academe, break from school also means break from work! As such I am enjoying my one month vacation before the new term starts by watching anime shows I’ve been meaning to watch for quite sometime.

And while on the subject of spring and anime, I have been anticipating the premier of the new series, Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei. I have read the light novels (up to Vol 8) and have taken a liking to it (available at Baka-tsuki). It has a good story and setting, and I enjoyed how the author incorporated the natural laws into a work rife with magic. However, the author’s style is kind of unique, to say it mildly, and it put me off at first. But ignoring the narrative style, its over-all a good work. I have high hopes for the anime series especialy as Yuuuichi Nakamura (Oreki Hotaru of Hyouka, Miketsukami Soushi of Inu x Boku SS) will voice the main character >_<


Another spring anime I am anticipating is Kamigami no Asobi. Its an anime adaptation of an otome game, so I’m not expecting too much especially for the story and especially the heroine. What turned me on in this series are the voice actors, especially Hiroshi Kamiya. Its rare for him to take on otome game roles, at least I haven’t seen him in that side. And he is voicing the character based on Balder (though I half-expected him to voice Loki, especially since he is THE voice of  Izaya, the greatest troll of Durarara!). I wonder how it will turn out, since Balder’s character is the opposite of Loki’s.

Daisuke Ono is also one of the VAs and he will voice the character based on Hades. His low voice sure is fitting!






HMMs or Hidden Markov Models. I’ve always encountered this during the time I’m doing my undergrad thesis but I confess I haven’t really understood it fully. Nature Biotechnology has an interesting take on this here:

Nature – HMM

Surprisingly, HMM is first developed for speech processing. Interestingly, it is now an important tool in bioinformatics. (for info on its origin, see here Intro to HMM 1986)

In simple terms, HMM is about identifying patterns or observing how often a specific pattern or element occurs in a certain phenomenon. It kinda remind me of Sherlock Holmes’ Adventure of the Dancing Men (from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s work) where he cracked the code of the dancing men graffiti by observing how often a certain image appeared and connecting it to the letter “e” of the English alphabet.


Just a few odd ramblings on the new anime Noragami. I only watched this series because of the voice actors (Hiroshi Kamiya and Kaji Yuki voiced the leads with Daisuke Ono, Jun Fukuyama and Miyuki Sawashiro in supporting roles),  but now I’m totally hooked! The manga is running currently with 19 chapters translated (and they’re being translated fast!) and so far up to 40 chapters in raws. I love how the relationship played out between the cast. Lots of character development with only subtle romance and more focused on friendship just the way I like it. The way they help each other and won’t give up on one another kinda remind me a bit of the dynamic between the Twelve Holy Knights from Legend of the Sun Knight novels. One of my favorite scenes in the series is when Yato received a shrine from Hiyori. He was really touched to the point of tears. He was like a child given a precious treasure (which I think it actually is in the series’ universe). It is really so adorable that always makes me go “aawww“.


Bucket List for 2014

I know its quite late (end of the first quarter, no less!) for me to post this but I never had the time. Anyways, better late than never!

The bucket list was constructed by my friends and myself on the second of January hoping that we will be able to carry out the things n the list (especially the first one!)

  • Out of town trip with everyone (we hardly met each other after high school, though mostly its because of me as I’m always busy)
  • Finish at least one book per month (I’ll add this to my reading list)
  • Cook a full-course meal
  • Join a marathon
  • Ride PNR to a distant province
  • Take the Civil Service Exam (except me)
  • Get a passport (except J** and D****)
  • Sambo Kojin with everyone

The first and last on the list is indeed tricky. I hardly remember the last time I saw everyone. Add to that, each of us have work and our schedules ALWAYS clash *sigh*