Merry Christmas!

Its the Christmas season once again. However, here at our house, nay, neighborhood, the mood is a bit subdued. aside from the occasional caroling by the neighborhood kids, things are very quiet.


Even for myself, I cannot feel the Christmas season. for one thing, I am currently busy with the back log of work that I must complete before the 26th (sorry my students, I am still arranging, checking and computing your performances)OTZ. Last year too, was a bleak Christmas for me. I was busy with exams, thesis and other requirements for graduation. I was not able to go to the annual overnight with my friends that year as well as this year!


But amid all the caroling, partying, eating of noche buena, spending of Christmas bonus, giving and receiving gifts, let us not forget the real meaning of Christmas and why we are celebrating this day every year.


Once again, Merry Christmas everyone!