Identity and durarara

rewatchng UtaPri wih my sister made me seek out  some (live-action) singles done by our fave seiyuu Miyano Mamoru and I found this:

I think the title is Identity. I really like the theme. reminds me of sengoku period anime, ninja, tomoe (of kamisama hajimemashita) and chikage kazama (hakuouki).

also, I found a  promo vid for drrr


Baccano …again

It’s Claire Stanfield this time…


He’s really a cool and fun guy… when he is not killing you. Basically the last person you want on the opposing side in a fight, as Graham learns


Too bad the anime curtailed Drugs and Dominoes. And even the Slash arc has not been included. OTZ. A pity. His voice is more than fitting to the character. Nice job, Morita-san!

But they released an OVA for the Flying pussyfoot secret episode. Chane is so adorable~~ ❤


~squeee ❤

Speaking of Chane, here’s one with her father.


…from the time he took away her voice. Really Huey, are they all specimens to you?! not even an ounce of affection? They may not replace Monica but still…

Baccano Screenshots

I said Baccano but its mostly Huey Laforet’s ❤ photos

131105030 131105031

Even when imprisoned, he’s still so non-chalant >_<

131106033 131106032

Reminds me of Lelouch’s pose.. hehehe

131106034 131106036

His hair is moving too much I can’t get a clear shot!!



Okay, so its not “mostly” but pure unadulterated 100% Huey Laforet screenshots!