Hare Hare Yukai Variations,

So I’ve caught the Haruhism fever (again) from rewatching the Disappearance movie with my sister. So here is the Kyon and Itsuki versions of Hare Hare Yukai I’ve found thanks to my dear friend tvtropes

It surprised me that Tomokazu Sugita can sing really well if serious enough. I’ve only heard non-serious songs from him like that from the Ryokan arc of Gintama and the character song from InuxBoku SS.

On the other hand, Itsuki’s is

It took me a rather long time to reconcile myself to the fact that that is Daisuke Ono I’m hearing. It sounds rather strange, or rather, I’ve been too used to the low, baritone voice of his in his later roles (Shizuo, anyone?). But as Itsuki (as well as Sebastian), his voice is still suave but also has the quality of an adolescent. On hindsight, I first fell in love with his voice role as Itsuki and Sebastian, though.


SNK spin off and Sugar apple fairy tale

i found a spin-off of SNK translated by crimson flower. The story is centered on the series’ current most popular character, Levi. I’m excited. I haven’t read the manga of SnK so I don’t know if the spin-off is canon though.

Also, this picture I found in the net

shingeki+no+kyojin-mikasa+ackerman-eren+jaeger-christa+renz-armin+arlert-sasha+braus [animefullfights.com]


I really can’t believe my eyes though. WTH Ehren, Jean and Betholt! Mikasa is kind of cute though, wouldn’t expect a serious character like her do that pose.

On the shoujo side, I found a new series (though not entirely new as this one has been going on for a while) courtesy of Aqua Scans. It is Sugar apple fairy tale. The male lead kind of reminds me of Siva from hanatsuki hime. Its a good read too, and the heroine is one of the sensible ones to appear in shoujo manga. SAFT is actually a light novel but so far only the prologue has been translated. the manga is up to chapter 5 + an omake. Here are some of the images I found in the net (via google image search)

saftv8 580_o e98a80e7a082e7b396e5b8abe381a8e98791e381aee7b9ad 61IpRZwHnaL__SS500_




Shingeki no kyojin has become very popular recently, and with a reason too. I’m not gonna make a review of this anime like what most people do but rather, I’m gonna post pretty interesting and funny shots.

These are stills from episode 19.

This one had me and my sister laughing. If you would just look closely at the titan’s hand…

kutsara 1

and below is a close-up view of said hand…

kutsara 2

Levi is also a fan favorite, if not the most popular character in the series, surpassing even the Ehren himself. But popularity also means he is the receiving end of fandom’s jokes. These pics I got floating around the net


and the one that got me laughing so hard

my, my, Levi's dance is better than the lead girl's too!
my, my, Levi’s dance is better than the lead girl’s too!

For a serious and tragic series full of nightmare fuel, SnK sure knows how to add some gags and funny  moments…

… or is it just the fans?..