Board exams and Manga?!

Board exams are just around the corner and here I am, looking for a good manga to read. I’ve come across a pretty interesting one (emphasis on the pretty). I was drawn on the artwork but sadly, there is no available summary yet. It’s entitled Orlelian no Kishihime. Also, I’ve been reading some new ones (for me atleast) to while away the time while waiting for new chapters of Koi Dano Ai Dano and other manga I have been following. These are Nanaco Robin and Hibi Chouchou. I’ve put it here so as not to forget them. I’ve had a bad habit of forgetting the manga I’ve read or been reading after awhile (truthfully, I can’t remember all the titles!) OTZ


other titles to read: ayakari zoushi, airuika, and unknown by yushimura tsumuzi