Juggling different things together is the fad for me lately. I’m reading several manga as well as dloading the lost ones (due to the reformatting of my laptop). *sigh* too many things to dload and the internet connection is not fast enough!

I’ve been into light novels lately, especially Ghost Hunt and Saimono. Also, reading Oiran Girl (manga) which used to be a oneshot, made by one of my favorite mangaka, Hibiki Wataru. (W/c reminds me, i should check out some of her works after Shounen Dolls).

and by the way, i should list up the things i should look into:

  • Normalization
  • Wave Theory of Light
  • Born Interpretation
  • Solutions to Diff Eq ( and how it relates to normalization)
  • Character Tables (Inorg)
  • … as an additional topic, Hermann-Maguin System and have an intro to crystallography
  • update the ff:
  1. LSK manga
  2. Kuroshitsuji
  3. Akagami no Shirayukihime
  4. Last Game